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The topic of the 3rd issue is “DISCO”. discotheque (n.): “club where recorded dance music is played,” 1954 as a French word in English; nativized by 1964, from French discothèque “nightclub with recorded music for dancing” (by 1951), also “record library,” borrowed 1932 from Italian discoteca “record collection, record library,” coined 1927 from disco “phonograph record” (see disc), or see Greek dískos (δίσκος) m. “disk, quoit, platter” related to dikein “to throw”, a way of discussion? – “to throw together” like -teca “collection” (from Latinized combining form of Greek thēkē “case, receptacle;” see theco-), probably on model of biblioteca “library.”

We consider all works in every medium. Please send us one selected piece by the 31.12.2020 23:59 to editors@blankpublication.at We accept contributions in all languages – if they are not English or German we ask you to provide a translation (for the editing team). You can get in contact with us if you have any questions.
We are looking forward to your contributions!
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OPEN CALL ::: blank #3 ::: DEADLINE ::: 31.12.2020