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blank #3


blank #3 - DISCO
Over the last years, we have become numb by one persistent track. By now we are able to predict its rhythms and key, maybe even about to recognise a loop in it? Or rather loopholes? Ruptures? Are we deadlocked in a disco nap? Now it might be the time to switch to the B-side of that record and to listen to a new tune. Many hours have passed since the release of the open call for ‘Disco’. Can we still remember the last overtone? What was the key? Probably the real question is, what kind of beat per minute do we want to step into the next bar? Slowness allows us to ask all these questions, it enables us to look from different angles, and access ‘disco’ through various entries. In this issue we wanted to value slowness in the form of content assisted into print, at the times similar to strobe assisting time into slo-mo; which could also allow for various styles of turning pages within this issue.
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